Die Spring(Daewon Corp Korea)

        We are the authorised agents of DAEWON CORP. KOREA for superior quality die springs of Japanease standard. Our die springs have a guaranteed life of at least One Million Strokes & can go upto ten million storkes or above. our price is very competetive & we provide 24/7 Just In Time Service. We keep a huge stock of die springs of practically all the sizes with us.

Die Springs

        We manufacture a quality range of Polyurethane Die Springs, Punch Strippers and Pads (PU). These perfecthane are offered in polyether-elastomers which acts similar to incompressible fluid. In this, the amount of material which is moved by compression is moved sideways in the form of the bulging sides. The diameter of our standard cylindrical urethane springs can be changed by increasing the diameter with the inches of compression.

        Our Polyurethane springs have more capacity than the coiled springs in the generated forces and strokes with a same space. This is done with the help of resiliency and non compressibility. It changes its shape which is same as a solid fluid with a memory but it doesn’t change its volume, even under force. Our Perfecthane springs produces a uniform, continuous and high counter pressure when it is under load, but gains back its original shape as soon as the load is released out. These find application in various areas where vibration, magnetism and corrosion which helps to save the use of conventional steel springs. Our urethane springs are safe, reliable and efficient compression material which is suitable for stamping, drawing and punching dies.

We offer Die Springs which are available with various advantages such as:

  • High load-carrying capability
  • Protection against marring/galling
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Oil and solvent resistance
  • Vibration damping and shock absorbance
  • No sharpnellizing
  • Effectiveness between - 30° F and 180° F
  • High dielectric strength and non-magnetic
  • Longer life
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low noise
  • 100% load-bearing surface
  • Bondable to mating parts
  • Low cost